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2023 Gramsci International Prize for Theatre in Prison to Rui Frati e Théatre de L'Opprimé Paris (Eighth edition)

Within Special Project SENTIERI INCROCIATI: for a Sense of Umanity

Pesaro, Tuesday 19 December 2023

“Catarsi-Teatri delle Diversità” European Magazine

in collaboration with

Casa Natale Gramsci Association in Ales

Italian Association of Theatre Critics

INTiP - International Network Theater in Prison (ITI-Unesco Partner)

Actor and director, Rui Frati began his theatrical career in Brazil, after studying theatre and sociology.

He works with Robert Wilson, Andrei Serban, Enrique Buenaventura, Augusto Boal, Ariane Mnouchkine, Maurice Vanneau, Alvin Nikolais.

In Europe, he taught at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Lisbon before settling in Paris, where he succeeded Augusto Boal as director of the Theatre of the Oppressed in 1998.

He contributed to giving the Paris theatre the status of a European center for research and development of the Theatre of the Oppressed method.

In his long career, Rui Frati has implemented several significant experiences in the prisons of different countries. The first experience in the Casablanca juvenile prison in 2004 remains emblematic. Today, with the director Delphine Dey and Teresa Ferreira, Benoît Felix Lombard, Leo Frati, Alain Ramirez, Joel Anderson, actors of the Théâtre de l'Opprimé Paris collective, he directs or participates to numerous national and international projects in collaboration with NGOs and Cultural Centers (in Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, Chile).

In September 2023 he once again directed an introductory workshop on the basis of the Forum Theater Method in the Santiago de Chile prison, which aims to promote critical awareness, empathy, social action, encouraging spectators to take action for change in the community.

Rui Frati will receive the Award on the occasion of

I TEATRI DELLE DIVERSITÀ (Theatres of Diversities)

25th edition of the International Conference of the

European Review “Catarsi-Teatri delle Diversità”

(autumn 2024)

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