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About INTiP International Network Theatre in Prison / The INTiP intends to support theatre projects for planning, relationship-building, debate and qualification in prison institutions around the world. INTiP is a partner of I.T.I.-Unesco 

Prison theatre gives birth to multiple forms of theatre writing, that can be different considering the contexts in which they are generated: from prison institutions for common offenders or for people awaiting trial, to prisons for long-term convicts, from women’s prisons or juvenile justice institutions to detention facilities for people with psychiatric disorders. The benefits of these production and workshop experiences for prisoners are combined with an effort to create a highly valuable artistic and communicative theatre performance. The diversity of these experiences in comparison with “institutionalized” theatre is not a theatre trend, it is rather a genetic feature that allows us to outline an environment for theatre and educational work, a practical area of the contemporary environment prolific in social and civil implications. 

Current experiences are internationally diverse, mostly fragile and jeopardised by social and cultural processes lacking structural support. They obviously suffer from the same problems that cause concern in the prison environment: overcrowding, lack of staff, approaches and decisions leading to a punishment-driven prison system. There are also prisoners with poverty issues, communication problems, victims of migration phenomena and an increasing number of young inmates convicted for minor offences. 

INTiP presents itself as an instrument, a reference to the many operators of this growing field in the context of a phenomenon that originated internationally over 60 years ago.

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