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2019 Gramsci Prize to Michelina Capato Sartore

Michelina Capato Sartore is an artist, actress, director and pedagogue. She has dedicated herself to theatrical training activities in contexts of marginality and discomfort over the last twenty years without interruption.

She designed and organized a large number of theatrical training projects in non-formal contexts focusing mainly on prisons with uncommon relational and listening skills as well as rigorous method and discipline.

She carried out training and socio-professional reintegration projects for foreigners and prisoners, developed complex and elaborate relationships with social and cultural institutions; she eagerly supported creative projects in contexts of serious distress with great organizational and managerial skills, focusing on internal needs as well as on integration processes into local, national and international contexts in an inclusive and stimulating way.

Concilio d’amore, Dal tuo Sangue, La palestra della vita, Psycopathia Sinpathica, Il rovescio e il diritto, Non più - Frammenti di libertà all'improvviso, Lavorare...stanca, I camerieri della vita, Ci avete rotto il caos, are just some of the titles performed from 2003 to 2018 at the Bollate Prison by the actors and prisoners of the theatre company of the e.s.t.i.a. cooperative. The company worked under the wise and tenacious guidance of a tireless Michelina Capato Sartore on an extraordinary season that will be remembered with the names she gave to her many projects: Teatro Galeotto, Teatrodentro, Teatro in Stabile; they cannot be considered as a mere production or performance of plays within the confines of a prison.

Michelina Capato Sartore concluded her theatre activity in Bollate more than one year ago; it is with gratitude and affection that the prize is dedicated to her and to that part of humanity that she trained and accompanied on stage, day after day in its unique ‘search for a meaning’.

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