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World Theatre Day - Pesaro, March 26th, 2019

World Theatre Day was created in Paris in 1962 by UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute. Every year, in theatres and cultural organisations that support and adhere to this initiative, a message is entrusted to a cultural personality to bear witness to real life reflections on the subject of the theatre and a Culture of Peace. In 2019 this message was delivered by the Cuban Theatre director, playwright and academic, Professor Carlos Celdràn. On March 26th, 2019, for the first time the official international celebration of this event was held in a prison, far from all institutional locations. The place chosen was the Pesaro prison, where the Aenignma University Theatre from Urbino, together with the National Association for Theatre in Prisons and the Italian Justice Ministry, had started a National Day for the Theatre in Prisons in 2014 (now in its sixth year) coinciding with World Theatre Day. This event, organised alongside about 100 additional events both inside and outside Italian detention centres, contributes to the development of good socio-cultural practices and profound respect for people through the means provided by the theatre and by art.

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